The U.S is home to many delicious candies such as Twizzlers, Mike And Ike, Charleston Chews, Nerds, and Junior Mints. Our wide selection of  the most popular American candy  is enough to keep your tastebuds interested for a lifetime. Whether it’s gummies, gum, taffy, chocolate, or American candy bars, you can find it all in our online American Candy store.

We have nearly 100 brands of candy that are from the U.S to choose from. Each one offers a new flavourful experience. So get your tastebuds ready, and explore the 50 states through the many American treats such as these, offered in our selection.

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Nik-L-Nip Original Wax Mini Drink Bottles 4 Pack (Case of 18)

Little wax bottles filled with sweet fruit flavoured liquid.