Originally founded in 1963, the Rockets brand was conceived from a family business. The Dee family started producing their newly-invented sweets right on Queen Street in Downtown Toronto. Fast forward almost 50 years to today, and the company is still making candies that everyone, from children to adults, still enjoys year-round.

Rockets, or “Smarties” as they are referred to in the United States, are fun-sized tablet-shaped candies wrapped in a colorful pastel package. You can find giant rolls of the candy as well as special flavor assortments. The “Love Hearts” package is especially popular around Valentine’s Day.

The company also specializes in other sweets like Breath Savers mints in many variants and Double Lollies, a lineup of lollipops. The manufacturing happens in one of two facilities, one in New Jersey in the United States and the other in Ontario in Canada. No matter where you get them, Rockets are a delightful treat not to be missed by any candy fan. To learn more about Rockets Candy, check out our blog!

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