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Our Favorite Canadian Chocolate Bars Ranked

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Besides many Canadian chocolate companies, Canada is also home to many unique chocolate bars from famous non-Canadian brands To help you out, we’ve created a list of chocolate bars that are unique to Canada! These are some of our favorites, conveniently ranked to help satisfy any sweet tooth.

#5 – Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp - Candian Chocolate Bar

The Coffee Crisp is one of our top selling chocolate bars, made right here in Canada. True to its name, Coffee Crisp goes extremely well with coffee thanks to its vanilla wafers and coffee-flavored candy sandwiched together and covered with milk chocolate. Take a bite and hear the distinctive, satisfying crunch of a crispy after-coffee snack.

While the original wafer sweet came from the United Kingdom, the coffee variation was added in 1938 by the Canadians and still remains popular to this day. Much to the chagrin of international fans, Coffee Crisp is hardly available outside of Canada, with only a few areas of availability in the U.S. and Australia. The good news though is that StockUpMarket is more than happy to help you achieve a fast, risk-free international shipping experience if you want a taste.

#4 – Smarties

Smarties - Canadian Chocolate Bar

Okay, we’re stretching the definition of “chocolate bar” here, but Smarties are nonetheless an important snack to consider since they’re a form of Canadian candy that America doesn’t have. not available in the United States directly.

Not to be confused with the American Smarties—a tart, tablet-shaped candy— Canadian Smarties are sugar-coated chocolate pieces that are similar to M&Ms. At the same time, Smarties are larger and slightly crunchier.

They were originally made in 1937 from the United Kingdom before they arrived in Canada and Europe. You’ll find them in a convenient cardboard packaging with several colorful flavorings.

#3 – Nestle Aero

Nestle Aero - Canadian Chocolate Bar

This Canadian chocolate bar proves how much texture matters to the taste of candy. Nestle Aero is an aerated chocolate, where the air bubbles inside collapse and melt in your mouth, resulting in a truly unique tasting experience that you have to try to understand.

Nestle Aero was introduced in 1935 and has since become available in multiple regions from Canada to Australia to even Japan. Other variations include mint flavors, biscuits, ice cream, and even some seasonal versions.

Best of all, the candy is convenient to eat thanks to pre-cut segments. While you won’t hear the same loud “crunch,” the aerated Nestle Aero chocolate is not a taste to be missed.

#2 – Twix

Twix - Canadian Chocolate Bar

Coming in at #2 is the well-known Twix bar. One tasty biscuit meets with a caramel topping before both are submerged in melted milk chocolate. They come in two or four to a wrapper.

The contrast of flavor and texture is the theme for this Canadian chocolate bar. The sweet, silky caramel and chocolate somehow pair well with the crunchy, robust flavor of the biscuit.

#1 – Kit Kat

Kit Kat - Canadian Chocolate Bar

And at our #1 spot is Kit Kat. Four bars of chocolate with wafer cookie centers. What’s great about Kit Kat is the many flavors, including dark and white chocolate as well as mint, orange, and several others. It’s arguably one of the best chocolate bars in the world, available in almost every region.

However, not all Kit Kat flavors are sold everywhere. Many region-specific versions exist, with Japan having over 300 Kit Kat limited editions and seasonal bars.

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It’s no secret that Canadian chocolate bars are a popular snack for any occasion. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments which Canadian chocolate bar you think is the absolute best! Looking to try all of these chocolate bars? Check out StockUpMarket for easy shipping of some Canadian favorites, no matter where you live.

  • Canadian chocolate bars are not to be missed, as the region has some of the tastiest and most unique candy bars available.
  • Some of our favorites include Coffee Crisp, Smarties, Nestle Aero, Twix, and Kit Kat.
  • If you’re visiting Canada, you owe it to yourself to try out some of the chocolate brands. And even if you can’t travel, StockUpMarket has you covered with inexpensive and risk-free bulk ordering. Check out all of our candy including; Canadian chocolate bars, American chocolate bars, and much more!

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