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Our Favorite Retro Candy in Canada Ranked

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Ever crave a taste of the past? Today’s older candy fans might have fond memories of early retro candy in Canada. There were hundreds of different sweets to choose from, and many of them still exist today. We had a look at the inventory of our online retro candy story. Here are 5 of our favorites ranked from the past.

#5: Dubble Bubble

The classic pink bubble gum has been a staple of candy baskets everywhere, and you can’t get any more classic than Dubble Bubble from 1928. This old fashioned candy got invented by an accountant named Walter Diemer, Dubble Bubble was one of the first bubble gum brands that didn’t stick too much or break apart. As a result, the iconic stunt of blowing a bubble with it became reality.

Did you know that he chose the color pink because no other coloring was available to him at the time? Either way, it’s become the standard for bubble gum everywhere. In addition to being nut-free and gluten-free, Dubble Bubble is enjoyed by millions everywhere, even today.

#4: Big League Chew

Another brand of bubble gum makes it to our list of our favorite old time candy. Unlike Dubble Bubble, this original gum comes shredded and packaged within a recognizable aluminum foil bag. The name isn’t just made-up; it’s a reference to how it was invented by real baseball players for the Portland Mavericks in 1980.

Coming in different flavors like grape and sour apple, Big League Chew was a throwback to the old days when baseball players would casually chew tobacco. It’s currently still being produced and has even received official recommendation by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don’t miss this retro candy in Canada.

#3: Jujubes

Also known as Jubes, Jujubes are a gummy candy drop that comes in many flavors in each bag. This nostalgic candy is one of the oldest entries on the list, with the original recipe published in 1709. It was named after one of the fruits involved in the cooking process.

Many years later in 1853, the candy took the form of “ju ju paste.” Eventually, the original jujube fruit was no longer used, and the classic flavors we know today replaced it. Fat-free and sweet, Jujubes are the perfect chewy candy for an afternoon snack.

#2: Mike and Ike

Coming in at #2 is Mike and Ike. Just Born was the first company to produce it in 1942 in Pennsylvania. Since then, this vintage candy has become well-known for its oblong shape, fruity flavors, and chewy texture.

In addition to being kosher and gluten-free, Mike and Ike has a flavor for almost any palate, including Tropical Typhoon, Berry Blast, orange, waterlemon, strawberry, and cherry. Alternatively, there’s a similar candy known as Hot Tamales, which are essentially a spicy variant of Mike and Ike.

Fun fact: no one knows where the name comes from. One theory involves U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his nickname “Ike,” but no conjectures have ever been proven.

#1: Rockets Candy

It should be a surprise to no one that Rockets Candy make the top of our list of our favorite old fashioned candies. You might know them as “Smarties,” as they’re known in the U.S., but the name “Rockets” is iconic to Canadian confectionery and definitely should not be missed.

The Dee family first made them after repurposing pellet machines used in World War II for candy-making. Ever since, there have been new flavors like cherry, orange cream, pineapple, and strawberry. You’ll even find a special edition of sours or tropical varieties.

The recognizable transparent wrapper houses several tablets of pastel-colored hard sweets that seem to melt in your mouth. Produced in 1949 originally, you can’t meet any candy connoisseur who hasn’t tried these.

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  • Canada has had a rich history of historic sweets. From bubble gum to fruit chews, there’s always something to experience for the candy enthusiast.
  • Our list of favorites includes Dubble Bubble, Big League Chew, Jujubes, Mike and Ike, and Rockets.
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