Miss Vickie’s: Everything You Need to Know!

Everything You need to know about Miss Vickie's

If you’ve been to a convenience store, casual restaurant, movie theater, or grocery store, you’ve probably seen the iconic packaging of Miss Vickie’s potato chips. These crisps are distinctly crunchy and thick, making for the perfect savory and salty snack for any time of day.

They come in many flavors and are definitely worth trying no matter what type of snacks you enjoy. Snack enthusiasts owe it to themselves to try at least a few variants and to explore the many Miss Vickie’s chips flavours. But why is this iconic Canadian brand so popular throughout the continent? Let’s talk about it.

The History

While the chips are made by Frito-Lay in North America and enjoyed by potato chip fans across the US, Canada, and Europe, Miss Vickie’s originally came from Canada in 1987. As the packaging proudly shows, the chips are always kettle-cooked, ensuring that classic, homemade flavor and texture.

Miss Vickie was indeed a real person who started making potato chips on her farm in Ontario. She took her mother’s recipe and added peanut oil to the cooking process, resulting in what we consider the modern Miss Vickie’s original potato chips.

Vickie Kerr has written her won cookbook including 100 recipes and numerous family stories, photos and anecdotes (source: Amazon)

Miss Vickie brought her invention to the Alliston Potato Festival that year, resulting in rave reviews. The popularity was high enough that production began in Quebec and started serving the entire nation. In 1993, Frito-Lay purchased the brand, bringing the classic taste to children and adults alike across North America and Europe.

The Variants

Miss Vickie’s are available in a diverse selection of flavors, sure to please anybody’s palate. Some of them include:

Whether you need something to complement your lunch sandwich or just want a tasty snack for the evening, these flavors are sure to please.

The Signatures Lineup

Don’t forget the new Miss Vickie’s Signatures lineup, a modern twist on the classic recipe made with simple yet elegant ingredients. These chips are available in a distinctive black packaging showing off all the components that make up the perfect potato chip. They also make for a great charcuterie and bread experience.

Versions include:

  • Black Truffle & Parmesan, best paired with honey cashews, salami meats, and dried olives or artichoke hearts.
  • Apple Cider Vinaigrette & Shallots, a combination of tangy and savory that works excellently with prosciutto meats, blue cheese, goat cheese, apples, grapes, and walnuts.
  • Hickory Smoked Salt, the perfect partner to aged cheddar or gouda cheese. You can also opt for radishes, apricots, marinated olives, chorizo meats, or even Dijon mustard.

The complex yet simply delightful flavors of the Signature Chips lineup are perfect for impressing friends or visitors at your next dinner party. Charcuterie enthusiasts will be especially happy at the options here.

Miss Vickie’s Signatures potato chips are the most recent addition to the product line-up (source: missvickies.com)

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  • Miss Vickie’s is a Canadian brand of kettle-cooked potato chips that’s popular throughout North America and Europe. International tasters will love the flavors as well.
  • Versions of the chip include simple sea salt and vinegar, cheesy flavors, and even luxurious Signature variants. The latter goes great on charcuterie boards.
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  1. Bertha Ford says:

    I have been a loyal fan of Miss Vickie’s, but lately I’m not sure what has happened, they are overly greasy, taste like old potatoe chips, just not the pleasant snack I’m used to. I have always loved them. Now I don’t even look at them in the store. You wrecked my perfect snack. Thanks.

    1. yisrael says:

      Luckily we have lots of other options to choose from 🙂 https://www.stockupmarket.com/product-category/snacks/chips-pretzels/

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