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Mike and Ike: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Mike and Ike - American Candy

Have you seen these fruit-flavored, pill-shaped candies before? They come in recognizable bags and boxes, sporting attractive packaging that shows off the several available flavors, including strawberry, orange, cherry, lemon, and lime.

Open these up, and you will find a delightful, chewy texture that allows you to enjoy the flavor for as long as possible. Other variants include flavors like Tropical Typhoon and Jolly Joes.

No matter what your preference is, Mike and Ike has become a staple treat of candy connoisseurs around the world. Best of all, they’re kosher, gluten-free, and fat-free so that they can be enjoyed guilt-free.

StockUpMarket has you covered when it comes to buying rare Mike and Ike candy from overseas. But before you dive into our candy assortment, let’s talk about Mike and Ike and its somewhat mysterious origins.

The Name

The name of the candy is a mystery in and of itself. Truth be told, no one knows exactly where the name comes from, though there are a few theories:

  • “Ike” is the nickname of former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • A comic strip that ended only a few years prior to the candy’s introduction was “Mike and Ike (They Look Alike),” which ran in the San Francisco Bulletin.
  • Mike and Ike are also the nicknames of the Matina Brothers, a group of midget actors known for their roles in the original filming of “The Wizard of Oz.”

The name of the company, however, comes from original founder Sam Born, who was a candy maker around the early 1900s who came to the US from France. When he opened a retail shop in New York, he proudly displayed a sign in the window advertising his new treats as “Just Born,” hence the business name Just Born Inc.

Sam Born - Founder of Mike and Ike candy
Sam Born, The Founder of Mike and Ike (source: CNBC)

History of the Brand

Having been founded in 1923 in New York, Just Born Inc. moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1932. 8 years later, it would introduce the Mike and Ike candy.

Ever since then, we’ve seen new flavors pop up like cotton candy and Root Beer, the latter of which came out in the 1960s. Others include buttered popcorn, Italian ice, lemonade, and sour variants.

The Spicy Mike and Ike

Want a spicier taste of this delicious treat? The same manufacturer also came out with Hot Tamales in the 1950s. This spicy twist on Mike and Ike has the same shape and texture but comes in a pungent cinnamon flavor. According to the L.A. Times, it’s one of the top-selling cinnamon candies in the world.

It’s so popular that there are additional versions of it as well. Super Hot, for instance, offers up an even spicier mix for the daring tasters. There’s also 3 ALARM with orange, pink, and dark red colors. Finally, you can find Fire & Ice, where spearmint is added into the mix.

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Getting a taste of candies from around the world is the perfect way to experience foreign culture first-hand. For customers looking for Mike and Ike and other American candy or retro candy, explore our wide assortment of candy!

  • Mike and Ike is a popular chewy candy that comes in a large variety of flavors and colors.
  • It originated in the early 20th century, though its history is shrouded in mystery. We’re still not entirely sure where the name comes from, for instance.
  • Hot Tamales are basically a spicy version of Mike and Ike. Try it for a taste of cinnamon.

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