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Rockets Candy: Everything You Need to Know!

Everything you need to know about rockets candy canada

Any candy-lover will recognize the distinctive Rockets Candy packaging, a tube-shaped transparent wrapper with twisted ends housing several pellets of yummy confectionery. You probably know the brand as “Smarties” in the US. To avoid confusion with Nestle Smarties, a different chocolate-based snack, they changed the name to Rockets candy in Canada.

The Rockets Candy Factory is owned by the Smarties Candy Company, formerly known as Ce De Candy Inc.. Rockets have become the go-to for children and even adults throughout the continent. Let’s learn more about them now.

The Candies Themselves

Each piece of Rockets Candy is an individual disk 1 centimeter in diameter. This almost dime-sized package helps you enjoy the candy in bite-sized pieces.

They are available in several flavors as indicated by their pastel colors: orange cream, pineapple, cherry, strawberry, grape, and orange. You get approximately 15 in each package.

Rockets can be enjoyed by anyone. They are gluten, peanut, fat, and dairy-free. Rockets are also vegan, as they contain no animal products. Dieters will love the low calorie content, with only 25 calories per package.

Other Variations

The company has also produced “X-treme Sour” and “Tropical” variants, as well as lollipops in different sizes. The most recent new entry was “Smarties ‘n Crème”, with a Smartie flavor on one side and a cream one on the other.

In 2008, the brand acquired Breath Savers and began manufacturing their mints at their Newmarket factory.

History – When were Rockets candy invented?

The story starts in 1949. After World War II, the Dee family picked up some pellet machines originally used to manufacture gunpowder and munitions. They used the same mechanism to create candies in their iconic shape. These first versions were cinnamon and cloves-flavored, using spices imported from the British colonies.

When the Dee family under Edward Dee moved from England to New Jersey, they changed the brand to De Ce Candy Inc., which later became the Smarties Candy Company. For 3 generations, the family operated this business. During a sugar shortage in the 70s, Rockets began using corn sugar instead of cane and beet sugar.

The Ce De Inc. factory in 1952 (source:

The Canadian Location

In 1963, Rockets Candy became available in downtown Toronto on Queen Street before eventually moving to Newmarket, Ontario. The original Queen Street location is now a downtown residence known as Candy Factory Lofts. It’s hard to believe people now live where the iconic candy was created.

Rockets have become a favorite around the Toronto area, especially around Halloween. In fact, it has arguably changed the culture of the neighborhood around the city.

Rockets Candy Today

Nowadays, the brand manufactures Rockets Candy in factories around Union Township, New Jersey, and Newmarket, Ontario. The American location produces 1 billion rolls every year. In total, there are 2.5 billion rolls created annually.

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  • Rockets Candy is also known as Smarties in the United States. It’s a pastel-colored confectionery encased in a tube-shaped wrapper.
  • The company originated after World War II making candies from old pellet machines. The brand later expanded into North America, where it became a staple of Halloween confectionery.
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