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Nestle Chocolates to Try for When You Buy UK Products Online at Wholesale Prices

Nestle Smarties Sharing Block vs Nestle Aero Delightful Peppermint-min

Even if you live outside of the United Kingdom, Nestle chocolates should be at the top of your priority list if you’re a candy enthusiast. The brand has created a large variety of chocolates and sweets that anybody can appreciate, no matter where you are in the world.

Two of those options are Aero Delightful Peppermint and the Smarties Sharing Block. Let’s talk about them and why you should pick them up when you buy UK products online at wholesale prices.

Nestle Aero Delightful Peppermint


A combination of melty bubbles and a refreshing peppermint flavor that melts in your mouth is what awaits you when you try this UK-imported chocolate.

Aero itself was originally introduced in 1935 by Rowntree’s, where it was branded as “new chocolate” thanks to its aerated texture. The candy became popular enough to reach throughout the UK market and later to other countries like the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

The peppermint variant itself features a bubbly texture that collapses as the bar melts, providing an interesting twist on the classic chocolate and mint combination. The flavor launched originally in the 1960’s featuring a distinctive green logo.

Since then, there have been special editions like one in 2015 featuring fashion designer Matthew Williamson. It had a soft pink color with metallic shades and mint-colored highlights.

Nestle took over production in 1988. The company promises every bar is made from sustainably sourced cocoa from the Nestle Cocoa Plan. The peppermint is a completely natural flavor too. Don’t miss out on Nestle Aero Delightful Peppermint when you buy UK products online at wholesale prices. It works well in your baking as well as when you’re making smores.

Nestle Smarties Sharing Block


Another great option from the United Kingdom is the Smarties Sharing Block, miniature smarties covered in decadent milk chocolate. Candy lovers will love the great combination of a smooth milk chocolate combined with the crisp crunch of the outer shell.

The Smarties themselves were spherical chocolates with multicolored shells first made in 1937 by Rowntree & Company before passing the torch to Nestle. The original design came from an even earlier candy known as Chocolate Beans from 1882.

A few changes have occurred since then. For instance, the candy makers insist on using natural colors, hence why the original blue variant was replaced with white as the company searched for a more natural dye.

Starting in mid-2020, Nestle announced a more natural and environmentally friendly approach to the candy. All Smarties sharing blocks now come with recyclable paper wrappers. Plus, the candy is always colored naturally with food and plant extracts, removing the need for artificial colors or preservatives.

If you’ve ever been to McDonald’s in the past, you probably remember Smarties Fusion, an ice cream and Smarties special that was only available for a limited time. There was also a limited run Smarties Blizzard from Dairy Queen as well.

Smarties in the UK is not to be confused with the US brand Smarties. In fact, the UK version cannot be sold officially in the US because of this branding clash. That’s another reason to buy UK products online at wholesale prices from StockUpMarket when you get the chance.

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  • The UK has been home to many classic chocolates throughout the decades. Nestle Aero Peppermint and the Smarties Sharing Blocks are two examples that you must not miss out on.
  • Aero Peppermint features an airy texture with a touch of mint, while Smarties sharing blocks combine the crunchy Smarties candy with a milk chocolate finish.
  • Buy UK products wholesale online through StockUpMarket to enjoy international goods without the high cost associated with overseas shipping.

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