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Reese’s Pieces vs. Annabelle Abba Zaba: A Guide to Buying Retro Candy Wholesale Online for the Peanut Butter Lover

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Whether combined with chocolate, taffy, or other candies, peanut butter is a popular ingredient in a variety of snacks all around the world. It can add to the richness of the flavor, resulting in a satisfying treat that almost everyone can appreciate.

Two candies that take advantage of the taste of peanut butter include Reese’s Pieces and Annabelle Abba Zaba. Give these options a try the next time you buy retro candy wholesale online from StockUpMarket.

Reese’s Pieces Theater Box

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Peanut butter and milk chocolate come together wrapped in a hard candy casing to bring you this popular treat that you have likely heard of. The 1982 classic science fiction film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial featured these candies prominently:

source: thedrum

Reese’s Pieces candy features orange, yellow, and brown colors that remind one of the autumnal season. Ever since their introduction in 1978, the candy has been one of Hershey Company’s best foods.

During development, the company found difficulties putting peanut butter into the shells, as it would leak out, resulting in a soft and unsatisfying texture. Instead, a peanut-flavored filling was used instead that featured brown sugar, butter, and milk.

They are now available in a theater box format for candy enthusiasts to try. Get it today from StockUpMarket when you buy retro candy wholesale online.

Annabelle Abba Zaba

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Here is another classic from the US. Abba Zaba offers up a unique blend of white taffy and peanut butter. The candy is prominent enough to be featured at the Candy Wrapper Museum, though you’ll only see it in stores if you live west of the Rockies.

Originally starting in 1922 by Colby and McDermott, Abba Zaba later switched to Annabelle Candy Co. for manufacturing. The packaging features a recognizable yellow and black taxi-like color scheme that makes it easy to spot on shelves throughout Canada and the US.

Other variants of Abba Zaba include an apple taffy as well as a chocolate filling instead of a peanut butter one. Nonetheless, the classic white taffy and peanut butter combination is well known throughout the world.

The candy has been featured on television shows, movies, and even songs. Rock musician Don Van Vliet famously considered it his favorite. A vinyl album called “A Child’s Garden of Grass” from the early 70s references the candy. It also received a cameo appearance in the 2009 episode of Two and a Half Men “Warning, It’s Dirty.”

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  • Many international candies use peanut butter to provide a savory flavor. You will often see it combined with chocolate or even taffy for a unique taste. Nations across the world have discovered how useful peanut butter can be in enhancing the flavor of candy.
  • Reese’s Pieces are crunchy yet somewhat chewy and use peanut butter as their primary flavor. Annabelle Abba Zaba combine peanut butter with white taffy, wrapped in a recognizable taxi-like packaging.
  • Trying out sweets from different countries is an experience that is not to be missed. If you are looking for some international candies from any time period, look to StockUpMarket to buy retro candy wholesale online.

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