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Candy and Culture: Another Reason to Buy International Products Online at Wholesale Prices

Culture is more than just paintings and history. Sometimes, even simple foods like candies can contribute significantly to local culture. Enjoying the sweets of different nations is a great way to experience foreign cultures in a simple way.

No other time is better for candy than the Halloween season. How did this holiday become so candy-oriented to begin with, and what other aspects of culture has candy infiltrated in the past few years? Let us talk about candy’s effect on culture in the context of Halloween. Doing so will deepen your appreciation the next time you buy international products online at wholesale prices from StockUpMarket.

Halloween Did Not Start with Candy

Candy was surprisingly not a large part of Halloween until the 1950s. At the time, other holidays like Easter and Christmas took the candy market by storm. Trick-or-treating as a practice did not arise until the 1940s, and even then, candy took a backseat to other treats like toys and cookies.

What Did Early Halloween Involve?

Prior to World War II, Halloween typically revolved around costumes, parties, and celebrations regarding the harvest. Trick-or-treating became more widespread around the 50s and 60s, featuring both candies and homemade treats like cookies.

Advertisements from Kool Aid and Kellogg’s around this time indicate that refreshing soft drinks and cereal were common snacks during the holiday. Candies were available too but were mostly handed out in large quantities rather than the bite-sized portions we see today. Brach’s, to illustrate, was a brand of candy corn that sold medium-sized pouches in the 1960s.

Kids would often stop by a stranger’s house for a visit in these days. As children found out that it was more efficient to stop by each house’s door, that became the new standard for obtaining candy.

Candy Takes Center Stage

So, what made Halloween so candy-oriented? Marketing was a huge factor, as candy companies began offering Halloween-themed packages for sale around the middle of the 20th century. These were more convenient (and safe) to hand out than homemade treats.

When you buy international products online at wholesale prices, think about the origins of candy and how it became synonymous with one of the nation’s favorite holidays.

Candy’s Impact Today

The global candy industry is massive today, with a valuation of $79 billion in 2018. Chocolate alone represents $14.1 billion of that total market.

According to many studies, chocolate is the most popular candy to children during the Halloween season. While parents nowadays are more wary of sugary foods, plenty of kids still love going trick-or-treating once a year while wearing costumes.

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  • Candy contributes to culture in more ways than you think. Halloween, for instance, is all about the candy, but it did not start out that way.
  • Candy slowly became the focus of the holiday thanks to marketing. While methods of distributing candy during Halloween have changed, kids even today enjoy chocolates and sweets of all types.
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