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Many Foods Are Going Vegan Now: Buy Vegan Products For Wholesale Prices Online

The Many Options When You Buy Vegan Products Wholesale Online

Whether it’s for health reasons, environmental purposes, or just general interest, vegan products from across the world can be an interesting way to enjoy good food in a nature-conscious manner.

Thought about going vegan but worried that you won’t find enough products out there with the vegan label? There are far more foods in this category than you think, so let’s list some recent releases.

Beyond Meat

We can’t make this list without including one of the most high-profile vegan options today. Known for its robust advertising campaign, Beyond Beef promises to recreate classics like meatballs and burgers without real beef.

Oatly! Oat-Milk

Milk is traditionally not a vegan beverage, but this brand of oat milk promises to bring the enjoyment of milk to the vegan audience. You might see regular, low fat, and even chocolate flavors. Look for items like these when you buy vegan products wholesale online.

Wildbrine Cashew Brie

The Wildbrine company has already made its name in the vegan market with previous products like sauerkraut and kimchi. Its newest product line includes dairy-free cheese and butter. Varieties include Shiitake, Classic, and Beet Blush.

Justin’s Nut Butter Covered Nuts

Delightfully minimalistic in its packaging design, this product gives vegans a spin on almonds and cashews. Replace yogurt-covered trail mix with Justin’s for a sweet touch.

Sir Kensington’s Dressing

Needs some extra spice in your salad? How about Dijon Balsamic dressing or a Pepperoncini Italian variant? Try these new dressings from Sir Kensington today. Double check the ingredients on the bottle though since this company also makes non-vegan products.

Follow Your Heart Yogurt

Those lucky enough to see this package in their local farmers market will have access to 10 flavors of yogurt, ranging from vanilla to peach and lime. Vegans don’t have to miss out on this healthful snack, especially with gut-friendly probiotics.

Outstanding Foods Vegan Bacon Chips

Here’s an unexpected entry. This purple package boasts how you can “pig out” with a “pigless” product. Vegans won’t be missing out on some salty, savory flavors with these mushroom chips. Enjoy them in original flavor as well as cheese, barbecue, and chipotle.

Good & Green’s Deli Slices

Straight from Italy, this brand gives you a chance to make your own charcuterie board without turning to non-vegan products. From prosciutto to carpaccio, it’s all a reality now thanks to this Italian vegan company. Plus, it’s a great source of protein without any cholesterol or non-plant-based products. The packaging makes it look almost identical to a similar meat-based deli slice as well.

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