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6 American Candy Brands to Try When You Buy US Products Wholesale Online

Trying out foreign candies is a simple yet enlightening experience for those wanting to see a glimpse of culture and life in other countries. At a considerably lower price than buying a plane ticket, why not consider buying US products wholesale online with StockUpMarket?

You have access to the world’s supply of high-profile candies and snacks you can’t find easily anywhere else. Plus, who doesn’t like trying new confectionery that you’ve never seen before? Let’s go over some of the most popular options from the US.

1. Twizzlers

Introduced as far back as 1929 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, by Y&S Candies, Inc., Twizzlers, a popular retro candy, is a combination of different ingredients including palm oil, corn syrup, sugar, and wheat flour.

As the shape may imply, the first flavor was licorice, but others arose over time, including grape, strawberry, cherry, and even chocolate. There are also rare variants like “rainbow” Twizzlers.
Produced in a conveniently small package of 8-inch sticks, Twizzlers are a great on-the-go candy. Find them on StockUpMarket when you buy US products wholesale online.

2. Mike & Ike

Another candy with a long history is Mike and Ike, fruit-flavored chewy drops from 1942 that come in a few variations. Just Born, Inc. created this retro candy first in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Strangely, no one truly knows where the name came from, though some conjectures point to the comic strip “Mike and Ike (They Look Alike).” It’s also possible the name came from the Matina Brothers, who played Munchkins in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. A far less-known type of candy from the same company are Hot Tamales, which are essentially spicy versions of Mike and Ike.

3. Halls

More of a cough drop than a sweet, Halls are an incredibly popular oral anesthetic that is known for its slogan “Vapor Action.” They were first created in the United Kingdom by the Halls Brothers company.

Anyone who’s browsed the shelves of a drug store or gas station in North America has probably seen the many flavors of Halls ranging from Black Cherry to Fresh Mint. There are several region-exclusive flavors, too, like Paloma in Mexico or Peppermint with Vanilla Crystals in Brazil.

The candy’s main selling point is its use of menthol, which is an active ingredient in soothing sore or scratchy throats.

4. Mrs. Freshley’s

While not incredibly popular, Mrs. Freshley’s snack cakes are beloved by many, especially those in Thomasville, Georgia, where they originate. Created by Flowers Foods in 1994, Mrs. Freshley’s come in several varieties, including Dreamies, Pecan Twirls, Brownies, and Crème-filled cookies.

5. Velamints

Dubbed a “food of the 80s” by some fans, Velamints are classic tins of breath mints. They rose in popularity when they first came around in 1977 thanks to their dedication to sugar-free mints and gums. Try these 80’s candies out when you buy US products wholesale online.

6. Candy Corn

A popular symbol of the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons, candy corn holds a prestigious position for confectionery enthusiasts. Very few, however, know that it’s the ultimate retro candy. In fact, the National Confectioners Association shows us that 35 million pounds of the sweet are sold every year.

Candy corn began in the 1880s, when it was known as “Chicken Feed.” The recipe for it has barely changed since then, though it was originally hand-made. There even exist specialized holiday candies, such as Independence Day in the US, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Easter.

The taste has been polarizing for some, but there are still plenty of fans. Check them out for yourself to see which side of the debate you’re on.

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