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6 of the World’s Most Popular International Retro Candies You Need to Try

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Food is a vehicle for culture all around the world. You don’t necessarily have to go to fancy restaurants across Paris or Rome to see it either. Sometimes, the small snacks and candies we eat every day reflect our tastes.
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with simply wanting to try snacks from different nations and time periods because you’re curious. That’s why StockUpMarket is dedicated to allowing customers around the world to buy retro candies from all around the world.
So, what are some small snacks worth trying out? Let’s talk about some of the most popular retro candies that changed how we view sweets.

1. Takis from Mexico

Barcel is a confectionery and snack company based in Mexico. It’s primarily known for its potato chips but also creates a spicy, roll-shaped snack similar to taquitos.
These Takis come in a variety of flavors, including habanero chile, guacamole, hot chili and lime, spicy buffalo, cheese, and dozens of others.
If you like some of these, consider the company’s other snacks like their Big Papas fries; Bubu Lubu chocolate, strawberry, and marshmallow candies; and their Watz lightning bolt-shaped cheese puffs.

2. Milka from Switzerland

While technically a German brand of chocolate, Milka found its roots in Switzerland in 1901 and is currently manufactured by an American company since 1990.
The story began as far back as 1825 when Philippe Suchard of Switzerland established his own hand-made dessert shop. The brand grew in popularity significantly in the 1910s and soon became Germany’s number one chocolate.
Nowadays, you’ve probably seen their mascot, the Milka cow. It’s still an incredibly popular brand of chocolate today that’s worth checking out when you buy retro candies online.

3. Munchies from Britain

Does a biscuit center wrapped in milk chocolate and caramel sound good to you? Then Munchies might be your next favorite candy. Once known as Mintola, Mint Munchies are a delicious way to experience this lovely combination of flavors.

4. Haribo from Germany

Most people know about these classic gummy bears, but did you know that the name is actually an acronym for Hans Riegel, Bonn, a combination of the original creator’s name and city?
Since its founding, the brand has expanded into markets across the world and currently operates 16 factories that help produce over 100 million gummy bears daily.

5. Darrell Lea from Australia

Ever in the mood for chocolate or licorice? Darrell Lea is not well-known in the North American region, but this company has made strides in New South Wales, where it was founded originally.
It’s responsible for over 800 different products, including chocolates and even sugar-free candies. Sometimes, you’ll even run into some holiday-specific bundles.
Darrell Lea himself was interested in community involvement, having sponsored local high schools and organizations for the employment of disabled individuals. The company still helps groups like the Starlight Foundation and local youth groups. There’s no reason not to look for Darrell Lea when you’re searching for retro candies.

6. Wine Gums from the UK

Wine Gums were first made in 1896 by Charles Riley Maynard, whose confectionery kitchen started in London many years before.
There’s a good chance you’ll find Wine Gums in your area. But in case you don’t, these chewy, fruity sweets are great for fans of gumdrops. They do not have a sugar coating but come in a variety of flavors. They’re also sold under several brand names across the world, such as Maynards, Lion, and Bassett’s.
The shapes of each candy represent different types of wines, including rum, merlot, champagne, sherry, port and claret. Don’t worry, they don’t actually contain alcohol.

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If you want to experience these brands of confectionery for yourself but don’t want to deal with international shipping and its costs, explore our wide range of products to buy online at wholesale prices.
• There are plenty of classic sweets to try. These snacks can give you a glimpse into the history of how candies were made in the past.
• Some famous classic candies include Takis from Mexico, Milka from Switzerland, Darrell Lea from Australia, Munchies from Britain, and the German Haribo gummy bears.
• StockUpMarket can help you experience these candies for yourself without having to buy a plane ticket. Our selection of international sweets is definitely worth a look if you find yourself mesmerized by retro candies.

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