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4 Popular Brands Our Clients Choose When Buying UK Products Wholesale Online

4 popular UK brands to buy wholesale online

Trying out foreign candies is a delightful experience for many curious folks out there. You get a chance to see how other cultures approach sweets, and you might find a new favorite for yourself.
Want to taste some of these amazing foreign brands for yourself? Now you can buy UK products wholesale online without having to worry about international shipping and the associated costs and risks.
That’s why buying UK products wholesale online can be desirable, as you save money on otherwise expensive shipping costs. But before we talk about that, what are some of the most common candies we see ordered from the UK?


Foreign candies tell a lot about a country’s culture, taste, and history. You don’t want to miss out on the amazing confectionery in places like the UK.
This brand of confectionery features distinctly British packaging complete with a Union Jack flag and an old-time illustration of a hatted gentleman and his bicycle.
Produced by Tangerine Confectionery, this British sweet began in 1904 when William Henry Tavener decided to start creating new candies after specializing in sauces and pickled goods.
Nowadays, many different types of foods carry the Taveners brand, including licorice, fruit snacks, jellybeans, wine gums, fruit drops, and many others.


Also well-regarded in Canada, the British Maynards brand has served wine gums, Sour Patch Kids, and other fruit candies for many years.
Almost everyone in the UK and Canada has heard of this brand, but do you know about its origins? The name came from Charles Riley Maynard, who started making candies with his family from as early as 1880 in his kitchen.
Nowadays, the gummy bears, sour grapes, orange twists, fuzzy peaches, Swedish Fish, and many others are all well-known throughout the UK. If you buy UK products wholesale online, there’s a high chance you’ll run into this brand.

Kit Kat

Who hasn’t heard of Kit Kat? Popular throughout the world, including Asia and North America, KitKat candies come in a surprisingly diverse selection of flavors.
Not many people know, however, that the candy came from Rowntree’s company in York of the United Kingdom. It began from an attempt to make a snack that a “man could have in his lunch box for work.”
Since then, the sweet has stayed focused on its goal exemplified in its slogan: “Have a break… have a Kit Kat.” In Asia, Kit Kat has even been known to offer good luck to those who eat it.


Here’s another brand that few people know comes from the United Kingdom: Trident gum. The name “Trident” comes from the symbol of the Greek sea god, Poseidon.
Cadbury in the UK first introduced Trident gum, which is also known as Stimorol in some regions. The intention was to create a sugar-free gum that promoted good dental health, an uncommon goal for chewing gum manufacturers back in the day.
Nowadays, you can find many flavors of the gum from peppermint to spearmint to even esoteric ones like Mangoberry and Cinnamon. Many candy enthusiasts strive to taste authentic sweets like these.

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