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The Challenges of Importing International Candy to Canada

If you’ve ever had the chance to taste exotic candy from around the world, then you know how many great treats are available to you. Different countries specialize in their own style of snack and it’s hard not to fall in love with them upon first tasting.

Unfortunately for some, it can be hard to find these treats in certain places in Canada. Not every corner store carries milk chocolate from Switzerland, China’s specialty cookies, or those classic treats from the Philippines. Most times, you have to go digging for the snack you desire and you’ll either end up paying a high price for them — or you may not find them at all.

Lucky for the people living in this day and age, you can now buy wholesale international products online and have them delivered right to your door. Whether you’re looking to enjoy them for personal reasons or want to sell them, finding these products is easy with the right marketplace.

Here are some challenges of importing candy to Canada that make an online wholesale supermarket like StockUp Market a good option for ordering all of your favorite International treats.

Expensive Shipping

We know how much the cost of shipping can be when you order a package from another country. Even parcels coming from Canada can be slapped with a high shipping cost that makes ordering something from another country on the Internet an expensive process.

When you purchase a large box full of heavy, high-quality candy, it could become expensive very quickly.

If you are ordering individual packages of candy from an international location, then you better be prepared to pay high shipping and import fees. But if you buy wholesale international products online in bulk, you can save on shipping.Some Goods Are Restricted

Things can quickly go wrong anytime you are dealing with international shipping regulations. Something as simple as a specific type of candy may be restricted by the government.

Ensure that any products you are buying are safe for the Canadian market, legal, and don’t contain prohibited or restricted materials.

Everything StockUp Market carries is safe for consumption and completely legal within Canada.

Finding the Right Supplier

After deciding that you’d like to buy wholesale international products online, you’ll have to find a great supplier.

It’s important to find someone who offers a wide variety of treats from around the world that can be ordered in large shipments with affordable shipping.

In the era we live in right now, we have access to the Internet and there are many websites that allow you to order large shipments of products like this.

Import Duties

Shipments you receive from specific websites may be entitled to import duties and tariffs. Be aware of what fees you may be charged when ordering from an international vendor.

These fees can be quite high, and can quickly turn a small order into a bad financial decision. All orders from StockUp Market are shipped within Canada and aren’t subject to import fees.

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  • The United States and United Kingdom are home to many great candies throughout the years. If you want to get your hands on some of these snacks, it can be expensive and tough to do.
  • Shipping prices can be high, especially if you order multiple packages of small amounts, and you’ll quickly be paying lots just to satisfy your international sweet tooth.
  • StockUp Market has a wide variety of international products that can be bought in large quantities at discount prices. Order from our large online shop and be sure that you have that treat you love when the craving hits.

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